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Tibiron / Jun 04, 2014

Thirteen Thirty Seven is recruiting Top Players for Draenor progression. We recently reformed with leadership set on being a Top 50 US guild without the extra shit outside of our raid days/times.


Survive fights! This is the number 1 priority.
Play your CLASS to it's fullest (min/max, etc).
Play an alt and have it min/maxed for heroic modes upon release.
Research shit on your own. Seriously, don't come to mythic with a WTF was that face....

You before getting removed from the team....actually that's not true he's black.

Anything else that constitutes being a top 50 US player, ie. big dick. We want to compete with the best without putting in the excess hours and while still having fun.

Tuesday - 6:00-10:00 PST
Wednesday - 6:00-10:00 PST
Thursday - 6:00-10:00 PST

If you meet the above requirements either speak to an officer (Lasers, Prymal, Innervatez or Zigglesworth) or fill out our app here.

Tibiron / Jan 06, 2014
So I guess it just took a month of jacking off during graduation, finals, christmas, hannukah, and national ding-a-ling day. It's been a decent tier minus the first 8 bosses which really should been just one big super boss that drops like 50 pieces of loot.

Tonight we had pretty much everyone here and had some close attempts (again...1% wtf guys?!?) but we managed to get a pretty good kill on the boss.

We are recruiting players that are masters of their class. Don't app if you can't put up good numbers, survive, do mechanics when we ask, survive, do cds FLAWLESSLY when we ask, survive, and then survive.

Good job to the raid team this tier, and to those that sat during the kill. It's kinda gay that end game bosses are becoming a 2-3 heal type deal, but I guess that's been happening for a while. Sorry healers, blame blizzard.

Tibiron / Sep 10, 2013


HEROIC - Waterboy down. Sha Council down. Norushen down (FUN!).

How good the Norushen kill felt when everyone died along with the boss:

Sha of Niggers down! Iron Juggs down!

Black Shamans went down...mainly because we are racist and thought this fucker looked scary.


General Nazgrim down!

Malcock down.

Spoils down...we finally figured out whats in the box.

Thok down!

Siege down, easily the toughest boss so far...annoying and fun.

This fight in one word? Easy...No really.
Tibiron / Sep 04, 2013
Thirteen finished the tier at 13/13H and at a wowprogress rank of US 79. While we didn't extend the raid like other guilds to finish Ra-den and get 5 more ranks (You guys are cool!), we still think US 79 is good for the challenges the guild went through this tier.

Tier 16 - US 55
Tibiron / Aug 18, 2013
It's been a rough past 2 months going through a complete change in both the healing team and tank team causing us to lose some spots on the US 25 man rankings. Either way we still finished strong and completed the tier. Throne was easily the best tier since Ulduar, and hopefully raids keep moving in this direction.

Congrats to the team for finishing the tier through a lot of changes to the raiding roster. We intend to go into Siege strong.